New Machines and Equipment Sales

A unique approach to supply !

Have you ever wanted to know which Knife the Chef buys or the Car the Mechanic would buy? We have a very different view to most sales outlets in the fact that we reverse the thinking,

We only supply tried and tested machines that will serve you consistently, longer and cost less to run.

1 Parts

Apart from Fracino (built in Britain) the machines are made all around Europe, and in these times EU tariffs and logistics are getting expensive, for this reason and speed We only supply tiptop Italian and Spanish machines that have UK Support and Parts in stock.

2 Maintenance

Being well aware of the costs involved with service and general maintenance, we have also looked closely at ease of access to the inner parts of the machines and design, this saves valuable labour costs, or removal of your machine to the workshop, and as mentioned we can ensure a regular, domestic supply of original parts, which are normally available next day.

3 Costs

As you would expect cost is a very large part of all purchases, and along with it value for money, Looking at a shiny new machine On-line with all the bells and whistles ! do you know if, It is reliable, How long it may last? If you can get the parts ? or If any engineers can work on it ? and increasingly! Does it run on the UK power supply?

We hear horror stories of machines bought which have no local technical support and engineers have to come out of London or further, at £200 plus before they even look at the machine, then probably have to order the part from Italy or Spain, with no loan machine to keep you going for the two or three weeks, and another fortune to return and hopefully fix it second time !

4 Brands

We are very happy with our choice brands, which are solely lead by quality and reliability, we approached them! to ask if we could sell their machines, and gladly they agreed.

We know we supply some of the best value for money machines in their class, they are all respected top brands, properly built, with solid chassis and strong fixings,

Technology is moving at pace and manufacturers are duty bound to keep up with the trends, but a lot of it is superfluous to making excellent coffee, we can spend more time programming a machine now than actually getting on and fixing them, we cut through the fog and tinsel for you and give you exactly what you need, Its a bit like your phone, do you use every function daily? or like us, just call people, send the odd message and take far too many pic’s !!

5 Sales

We hope to be competitive in the market but cannot necessarily keep up with the massive bulk buyers On-Line, But that’s not our aim, we offer honest, personal advice and service, no hidden costs, tie in’s or surprises. just simple trade for Independent businesses.

We are not affiliated or sponsored by any controlling body.

Most of our suppliers machines, are on the shelf and can be shipped next day.

We will require a Pro Forma payment before the order is shipped.

Installation prices are £200 including set up and training. (In our area).

For National Sales outside our area we will supply a parts only warranty and you will need your own technical support, we know a few engineers around the country so may be able to help find a trusted one to help.

To honour the warranty terms most manufacturers insist on a trade approved water treatment system to fitted upon installation, So do we!!

We will quote the best price with the manufacturer upon every individual enquiry, We only deal with the manufacturers direct so you can guarantee its all genuine and above board,

So before you take the leap why not give us shout and see if we can help you, your businesses future and give your customers a great coffee every time!

New Machines For Sale

All these machines have different sizes, colours and configurations to suit your exact requirements, we will be happy to advise, check stock levels and give you a quote.

All prices quoted are subject to Delivery costs, VAT and based on standard 2 group machines

More info and details are available on Manufacturers websites

                                Prices quoted may fluctuate from the manufacturers quicker than we can update this site.

Espresso Machine Services - Iberital IB7

Iberital IB7


RRP £2780 This stylish solid, reliable machine from Spain sports a large 10.5 litre boiler to cope with high demand periods, are also available to be powered by 13amp plug. and can be ordered in some lovely colours. one of the best value for money machines on the market.

Espresso Machine Services - Fracino Contempo

Fracino Contempo

SPECIAL OFFER’s Std £2706.00 / Gas-Elec (Dual Fuel) £3148.00

RRP £3184. Highly polished stainless steel, Solid reliable British machine, These are a tried and tested and come as Dual Fuel (Elec/Gas) a real favorite for mobile use and trailers, They also have a higher Group head as standard that can take taller cups. Superb value for money and Bulletproof quality.

Espresso Machine Services - Conti CC100

Conti CC100


RRP £ 2775 With all the build quality of this classy brand from Monaco, this machine delivers consistent reliable results from the workhorse of the family, a very stylish model with exceptional value for money.

Espresso Machine Services - Conti XOne

Conti XOne


RRP £3815. A sophisticated offering from these regal machines made in Monaco, sport signature flashes of LED lights in the panels, Solidly built to offer complete control and its trademark flappy paddle steam valve controls, and cold water supply to adjust group temperature precisely, A real trade favorite.

Espresso Machine Services - Spaziale S5

Spaziale S5


RRP £4243. One of our favorite machines of all time, Easy access to all components, Unique steam operated heat exchangers and group heads help keep constant pour temperature, Stalwart workhorse with elegant styling from Bologna.

Espresso Machine Services - La Spaziale S9

La Spaziale S9


RRP £4464. All the build quality of the bulletproof S5, with added digital controls to fine tune your coffee, with mood lighting and LED display, also has an easy to use ECO program.

Espresso Machine Services - Sanremo Zoe Vision

San Remo Zoe


RRP £4835. Beautiful art deco styling on this versatile machine, Lots of bright colours available, Solid build quality and reliable long service.

Espresso Machine Services - Fracino Romano 2

Fracino Romano R


RRP £5111. British Multi-Boiler machine can deliver constant steam supply, Wooden handles and illuminated panels can be ordered as options on this new contemporary design. This is a new machine to us and Fracino are very proud of it.

Espresso Machine Services - San Remo Verona

San Remo Verona


RRP £7275.00 Classic Retro style on this flagship machine from San Remo, packed with state of the art technology.

Espresso Machine Services - San Remo F18

San Remo F18


RRP £11,755. Exceptional design on this high end offering from San Remo, Technologically loaded for complete control of your coffee.


Espresso Machine Services - Ereka Zenith

Eureka Zenith & Olympus

SPECIAL OFFER Zenith 65ml £575.00 / Olympus 75ml £699.00

These two On-Demand grinders are very quiet and fast, they have the signature step-less grind adjustment and are fantastic value for money, The Zenith 65ml and its bigger brother the Olympus 75ml have built a reputation as trade workhorses.

Espresso Machine Services - Eureka Atom

Eureka Atom 65


These excellent Digital On-Demand grinders from Florence have changed the game in our  grinder landscape, they are stylish, have a great touchpad display, easy to set and throughout all the models, has a step-less grind adjuster, The adjustment is on the lower burrs and the motor, so when you want to clean the grind chamber it does not interfere with the grind setting, these are also very quiet and give a super fast delivery straight into your porta-filter, available with 75ml burrs.

Espresso Machine Services - Eureka Helios

Eureka Helios 65


This is fastly becoming our best selling On-Demand grinder, It has a great look and the Yellow one is stunning, This is the latest offering from Florence and has a wonderful display, the touchpad offers so many settings and really easy to use, very fast and quiet, available in lots of colours and larger 75ml burrs, great looks and value for money.

Fiorenzato F64 Evo


This is the pinnacle of the On-Demand grinder in our humble opinion, Established in 1936 Fiorenzato are one of the oldest  and finest manufacturers of grinders in the world, This aristocratic offering from Venice oozes quality and heritage, This latest model is stunning in every way, the black finish is rubberised and probably the COOLEST grinder out there today, It can deliver a constant supply with the aid of cooling fans and solid build quality, it has limitless adjustments to hone your grind perfectly, and last all day. it is superfast and almost silent, We are very proud to offer this grinder for high end users at an excellent price.

At the top end of the range is the PRO this offers a groundbreaking feature to easily unclip the top burrs to give access to clean or clear stones, without disturbing the grind setting. Prices on application.

ADD On, to improve this grinder even more in the pursuit of excellence, is the PUQ-Press which is specially designed to sit under the grinder, will tamp your coffee exactly the same every time, ideal if you have a lot of staff as everyone tamps differently. RRP £720. SPECIAL OFFER £648.

Espresso Machine Services - Marco T10 Ecoboiler

Marco T10 Ecoboiler

SPECIAL OFFER T10 £581.00 / T5 £563.00

RRP T10 £660 From Ireland these slimline Autofill boilers are stylish and reliable, they are available with push button tap and an ECO function, Smaller 5 litre and larger models are available. Great quality build and space saving design makes this a favorite in the trade, and can be run on standard 13Amp plug.