Keeping your machine happy will keep your business happy,

Routine maintenance can help the longevity and the optimum running of your machine, And it can definitely reduce the risk and expense of annoying breakdowns. In all honesty I recommend an annual service to everybody! many faults can be identified before they happen during the process, and while the engineer is there and if the part is on the van, its a lot cheaper to rectify there and then.

Although we haven’t got X-ray vision and cannot spot every potential problem we can offer a little peace of mind.

Unfortunately we do not carry out work on Bean to Cup or Domestic machines eg, Gaggia; De Longhi, Sage etc.

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Being well aware that your machine is a potential bomb is always up front in our minds, We carry out Boiler Examinations to a professional level and are competent in making sure you, your staff and customers are as safe as can be, upon any works involving the boiler we will always test your safety valve before leaving the job. we feel it our duty to inform you of any safety concerns or issues found, and offer solutions.

We are agents of EspressTest and provide (Pressure System Safety Regulation) conformity for the coffee trades.

Annual Boiler Examination £180.00 (if done in conjunction with a service £20 is discounted from the cost of the service.)


The single biggest enemy of any machine is Limescale !! machines in soft water areas live a considerably longer life, it blocks all the tiny jets, pipes, fills heat-exchangers blows elements ruins group heads and solenoid valves etc etc, so I whole heartedly recommend getting the correct water treatment and schedule of replacement, We work closely with Brita to offer solutions for all types of business users, we test the water hardness and calculate your annual usage and work out the perfect option for you.

We offer a few service options and can honestly say that the customers that have the Annual service and water filter every year, benefit on the whole in just seeing us once a year, It reduces breakdowns .

We also stand by our works and will rectify any faults from service parts replaced with compassionate consideration.

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Annual Service

This comprehensive service has been honed to replace wearing parts and avoid common faults, hopefully providing 12 month’s trouble free operation.

Boiler/ Safety valve removed and tested, Anti-Vaccuum valve replaced with new, Water level probe removed and descaled, Camera scope is placed inside to give a scale report and general survey. good look over external for damage and pipework integrity.

Group Heads/ stripped down and cleaned inside, Brass diffuser cleaned, replace group seals and shower plates for new, using genuine parts.

Valves; Steam and Hot water/ We realise down time is a real problem with busy businesses, so we try to accommodate you as best we can when booking a service time, So to lessen the time on site we have reconditioned valves already made up so we just swap your old ones over in a few minutes, rather than the hour or so doing it on site.we carry most manufacturer valves but we will warn you if we do not. these valves are completely stripped, cleaned in acid bath and rebuilt replacing all the seals and greased ready for action, the steam wands and spouts are stripped, cleaned by hand, resealed at the joints and new scorch rubbers fitted. Hot water spout anti splash filter replaced.

Pump/ Brass rotary pump pressure checked and adjusted if required.

Grinder/ as a courtesy we can quickly check the grind just to make sure its good, we will not adjust without your approval.

£160 1 group machine / £180 2 group / £200 3 group. (these prices are for typical traditional machines and can be subject to change)

Short or Front End Service

This is a lesser service for interim periods (6 monthly) or for little used machines.
As detailed above;

Group Heads serviced.
Safety valve tested.
Anti-Vac valve replaced
Scale report.
£130 1 grp / £150 2 grp / £170 3 grp

Complete Service and Descale

This requires removing the machine to our workshop, and installing a loan machine for the duration, (usually a minimum 3 days, if the shop is clear)

This involves stripping the machine down, removing all pipework and the boiler, these get an acid bath to remove all scale deposits. we replace the heating element. rebuild with full service and new group solenoids, further works are discussed and actioned at extra costs. We keep you informed all the way though the process so there are no hidden costs, these are very individual undertakings so the price is only a guide price for the basic works, parts, delivery, loan machine, and workshop labour.

Approx £800

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On site De-Scale

In some circumstances we can attempt to de-scale your boiler only at your premises, after looking at the extent of the scale around the element and its nature (rock hard or loose) we can draw the element and remove it by vacuum. Replace element and gasket.

Approx £190 (again depending on machine type)


Service, reconditioning and Burr replacement available, please call to discuss.

General works

Call out within our designated area £80
Labour on site £10 per quarter hour

Other works by request can include basic Hot Water boiler services on limited makes.
Grinder reconditioning on certain brands.
We are always happy to discuss any proposal and will give an honest answer.